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More than 30 years innovating

We have more than 30 years innovating to provide with the best solutions in wrapping paper and paper bags

About Us

Over these years Imcovel has maintained its business philosophy, following the same line, being close to its customers, optimizing your ability to be a good adviser both at the stage of sale as in the phase of post-sale.

Its vision is to translate the importance of content to the continent, because increasingly, the packaging and the effect it arouses in society are more relevant. Imcovel examines the trends as if of a fashion design will be treated and transferred to the compilation of their articles counseling with customized solutions to each client. It has a wide range of products in the paper packaging industry that responds to the changing needs, and that makes them a diversified company, agile and with a great vocation of service.

Imcovel began a few years ago the process of internationalization, today to countries of the five continents, with special emphasis on the Spanish, Portuguese and French. Close to 49% of spanish companies exported but only 4% is done on a regular basis. Its objective is to consolidate its international presence through regular and sustainable exports in international markets, developing stable trading structures in destination to become a competitive provider with a clear vocation to be a global company, since its adaptation to the requirements of the different types of markets and businesses, enabling them to offer customized solutions for different market segments such as: bakeries, pastry shops, perfume shops, pharmacies, jewelry, gift items, florists, hospitality, food, consumer goods and wholesale trade.